Updates and Polishing (2012)

From the moment the Titan was " ready for use", so since 2006, the was stil one big job to do, polishing the outside aluminium.

To give the Titan extra BLING-BLING, i had the idea to polisch the aluminium skin, so the Titan becomes the same looks as the famous american Airstream trailers. The first years after the big restoration job we wanted to enjoy the Titan as much as possible, and we did !!
With an average of 4 to 5 short or longer trips each year,  in Netherland, Germany and mainy France, we went as much as possible

Now April 2012 , the restored Titan goed into its 7nd season. In all these years we had no problems at all with the Titan, he did a great job.
Some improvemends are done in the past years, the bed became a new innerspring mattress. The gasheater made place for a eleictric one, and last year i've installed a heki roof window to get more light in the interior.

thepictures below show the installation of the Heki during the AER meting in september 2011 in Germany
dakluik 1  dakvenster2

the electric heater, also installed in 2011:

I've also installed a external lpg connection for the BBQ:
gas aansluiting

Besides regularly greasing some parts and adjusting the brakes the Titan didn't any other maintenance. Since 2006 the Titan had run about 25.000 kilometers

The aluminium skin became very dull after a few years, what was expected because the skin has no protection or threatment at all. Now its time for the big polishing job, i thought to myself.
In the past years i did some studies about polishing aluminium, and read a lot about the polishing jobs on Airstreams done in america on the internet.
Some needed more as 200 hours to polish 1 Airstream. There are several tools and materials used for the polishing job.
What should be the best, i would learn in practice.
In the last years i've done some small polishing jobs on other objects with a drilling machine and a small rag wheel and universal polihing paste. These wher very difficult jobs.
So i needed a lot of courage to start the Titan polishing job.

I started with some testwork at the gaslid at the front, i did it with a 125mm rag wheel on a 500 watt drill and used universal 'green' polihing paste. al the products came from the local DIY.

polijsten1  tools 1

The pictures above show the result from this first test work after 4 hours working, the result is not good at all. The aluminium skin has stripe marks from the rag wheel, and it isn't shiny at all. The power drill hasn't enough power, and it difficult working with a rag wheel on a drilling machine, becaus of the position of the rotating rag wheel.

This wasn't the way to go, so I needed professional stuff, easier sais than done. The DIY stores can't delever

Polihing machines are lookalikes of anglegrinders, but with lower rotating speed and a lot more torque, and a much higher pricetag.
I've found an affordable 1500 Watt polishing machine from "powertools", a Belgian company, which suited my expectations. This machine has a slow start function, electronic regulated adjustable speed control and it can delever 10Nm torque at 3000 rpm.

I've als found  a company which could delever me big cotton rag wheels and a complete program of polishing pastes
I took the blue paste (for finishing purposes) and 200mm cotton rag wheels.

I've made my own adapter to connect the
rag wheel to the polishing machine, these rag wheels are ment for stationary polishing machines only, and can't connect to the machine directly.

The pictures below show the tool, paste and the first result:

tools  polishing 1

polish  polishing 2

It's a gigantic job, 1 meter takes more than 1 hour.

To be continued...

June 2012

The polishing job is almost ready, i've used 1 rag wheel and 1 block paste, i'm continuing with a second set.

Inbetween i've repainted the roof and added a rubber sealing at the edge of the pop-roof.

polishing 6  polishing 7

The pictures above show the polishing job almost ready, only the door and a small part needs to be done.

July 2012

Just before the holiday the polishing job at the Titan is done. I think it looks great.
The job needed 200mm cotton rag wheels an 2 blocks blue polishing paste, and took me approx 60 hours !

polishing 8  polishing 9
polishing 10  polishing 11

Some pictures above are taken at different campsites in France during July.

polishing 10  polishing 11