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division comparable in relation to a Troll 555GT


while restoring the caravan I tried to update all the weights of the used materials, espaccially because I want to know how the weight division of the construction was formed. Just a small clarification
The total weight of the caravan should be 850 kg.
The bottom chassis weighs 320 kg, this is 33% of the total amount, this includes the floor but not the frame of the structure. The axle is the heaviest part and weighs over 55 kg.
The structure weighs 275 kg, this is 30% of the total amount, this includes the windows, poproof, doors and the walls from the inside, so the complete structure. The aluminum outer plates weigh in total 37 kg, which is only 4,2% of the total amount.
The furniture weighs 135kg which is 15% of the total amount.
The cloth material weighs 50 kg, this includes the material inside the cushions, and I counted the awning aswell, this is 6% of the total amount.
The installation weighs in total 135 kg (15% aswell), this includes all the installation material like cables, drainings, and ofcourse all the  equipment such as lamps, stove, crane and the fridge.

The Costs

The costs which are made during the complete project are of course precisely updated.

The total amount is € 5000,-, this includes the buying of the caravan itself. The biggest cost came from the 3 new Seitz Windows, which cost
945,-. There is for over 350,- of new iron  in the frame, the new aluminum outer plates costs only 185,-, but the rivets cost 45,-.
The rubber sealings cost
140,-, en the aluminum profiles cost 155,-
The floor covering cost
160,-, but it is really handy. The fridge was very cheap compared to a comparable absorbsion fridge. This only cost 185,-

Of course the project is unaffordable because all the working hours, but then it's not a hobby anymore if you do that. When I started I thought I could make it with
3000,-, but you want to do things good which sometimes is more expensive.

After all I think it wasn't too expensive, but doable.